Everything, plus the kitchen sink…

Everything, plus the kitchen sink…


Yep, you can have your cake and eat it too.  This kit contains one 1 Kg bag of each fertilizer formula that we currently carry as part of our Jack’s Nutrient Line.  You can have your own stock and pick and choose what formulas work for you or set up side by side trials to compare results.  You get it all and we guarantee that each product is made with the same high quality raw materials as with all of our Jack’s fertilizer products.


What’s included:

  • Jack’s 15-6-17 Clone
  • Jack’s 5-12-26 Part A
  • Jack’s 15-0-0 Part B
  • Jack’s 15-5-20 Tap
  • Jack’s 12-4-16 RO
  • Jack’s 10-30-20 Bloom
  • Jack’s Greener: Epsom Salts
  • Jack’s 7-15-30 Finisher
  • Jack’s 5-50-18 UltraViolet


For those times that you want it all, aka Jack’s 3-2-1 and a bunch of other stuff.  Disclaimer: Not for beginners


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    Having trouble?  That’s where we shine.  The lab and manufacturing facility at JR Peters is literally within steps of all of our staff.  We all work together to solve our growers problems and produce the highest quality products.  Our turnaround time for samples and orders is between 24-72 hours based on sample type – that means we can get you real answers if and when you run into bumps along the road. 


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