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Thank you for your interest in getting your plants fed with Jack's Nutrients! Your FedEx tracking # will be emailed to you once your order has shipped.
Currently we are unable to ship online orders to Canada. If you are looking to place an order to ship to Canada, shoot us an email at or give us a call today and we can help connect you to one of our distribution partners north of the border. 

Jack’s Grow Season Program

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Product Details

This grow season let the Jack's Nutrients team get you primed for success. Get access to priority testing, and unrivaled expert advice. Let us get your operation dialed-in, so you can produce a top notch crop, and plan for the future.

In order to make your grow as efficient as possible, it's important to know what you're starting with. The Grow Season Program starts with a little homework. We'll send you a test kit package, and start you off with an initial source water test. When creating a custom feeding plan for you, we have to know what's already in your water so we can plan accordingly.

Testing makes perfect.

The Grow Season Program gets you access to:

  • 2 Water/Fertilizer Tests
  • 2 Media Tests
  • Consults to help walk you through the result interpretation, nutrient targets and next step

We make it easy. Once you sign up, we'll send you all of the testing kits you'll need. From your test results, we'll work with you to build out a customized plant nutrition plan that will unleash the full potential of your crop.

Priority Access to Our Team of Experts!

Our team is your team. Our experts will walk you through each test to make sure you not only understand what the results are saying, but also help you set up an individualized plan for next steps. This season-long consult will leave you prepared for years to come.

Taking part in our Grow Season Program guarantees you priority access to our support team. During peak season, things get busy. Never worry about finding the help you need. Invest in this program, and we'll invest the time in your operation.

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