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In continuing our tradition of innovation, we are introducing Jack’s Nutrients Part A Series; a collection of our one part formula blends crafted to hit desired crop specific nutrient targets for CEA and cannabis growers.
Jack's Nutrients 6-6-26 LowPhos_Combo.png

A unique formula designed to deliver lower phosphorus levels into any growing program. Jack’s Part A 6-6-26 will replace and/or complement any two part growing system paired with typical calcium content from a Jack’s Part B by ensuring consistent N, K and micronutrient levels as you expect in our typical Part A 5-12-26.

Jack's Nutrients 8-10-26 Strawberry_Combo.png

Designed to deliver targeted nutrition specific for Strawberry production. This unique formula combines specific macro, secondary and micro nutrients at a low constant feed rate in complement with our Jack’s Part B for the calcium source.

5-12-26 PART A

An improvement on the classic "Part A" formula for general vegetative growing. This redesigned blend is built with purely soluble and available nutrients to allow the grower maximum flexibility. Specific balance of macro, secondary and micronutrients delivers an efficient combination of nutrients suitable for many different growing environments and crop types.

0-12-26 PART A
Jack's Nutrients 0-12-26 Part A Combo .png

Zero nitrogen formula delivers a proven ratio of P and K to achieve harvest goals. Designed to follow the Part A system of nutrient delivery. This purely soluble and available formula keeps secondary and micronutrients consistent at each feeding. As with all Jack’s fertilizers, we use only the highest-grade technical materials in our formulation. Manufacturing is done under laboratory control with the finest available mixing and blending equipment using an exclusive JR PETERS process.

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