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The Science Behind Better Plant Nutrition

Welcome. You have come to JR Peters Inc. to find the highest quality and truly soluble nutrients blends on the market. How can we say that? Because we are here watching over every step of the process. From research and formulation design in our small batch lab, through the intense qualifying of the purest raw materials according to our QC standards, to our long time employees watching over each handcrafted batch on our blending lines. The family at JR Peters ensures that the nutrients that are in our fertilizers, that you are giving to your plants, meet the strictest standards and will grow the highest quality plant material.

Have a question for one of our team members? Meet the Blue Crew and see who you should reach out to. 


The Lab

Our onsite laboratory is the heart of our fertilizer family, the process always begins in the lab. What we have seen over the last few years is a great influx of people looking for some knowledge about how to get started with their operation without the confusion of consultants or hours spent on the web. From there, we started focusing our hydroponic and cannabis growers to a testing program that helps them navigate how to get started growing. 

Our Hydro Track and Nutrient Track programs are designed to be a tool kit of knowledge for a grower. Both new growers and those who have quite a bit of experience learn to understand what they are starting with in regards to their fertility. These testing kits create a blueprint on how to grow your plants and what nutrients and additions you may need to use. The technical support team at JR Peters then helps guide the grower to nutritional success.

Technical Support

We listen to you. That’s right, we actually have real people here to listen and help you decide which formula is right for your growing environment. Some say it’s as easy as ABC or 123, but we know that it's not. Our highly trained and personalized technical staff will answer your questions and walk you through everything you need to know from result interpretation from our onsite lab, to formula choice and to mixing advice. 

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