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Cannabis & Hemp Crops

No matter your growing environment, if it's your first time growing Cannabis or Hemp or you are a professional, we want to help walk you through every step of the growing season. Our schedules and formulas will help to ensure Jack's delivers the exact nutrient balance according to your Cannabis & Hemp crop requirements.

Cannabis & Hemp Grown in Pure Water Sources

For the Purist in you. These nutrition schedules contains formulas designed to add back all the beneficial nutrients your plants need to grow and thrive. Targeted to achieve the optimal nutrient balance for water sources that have low concentrations of calcium and magnesium (40 ppm Ca/Mg or less). 

12-4-16 Schedule.png
Part A 6-6-26.JPG
Jack's 12-4-16 Base
Jack's 6-6-26 Low Phos 
3-2-1 schedule.png
Jack's 321 Schedule
Jack's 321 and 0-12-26 
Cannabis & Hemp Grown in Water with "Free Nutrients"

 These schedules contain formulas that effectively provide all the necessary macro, secondary and micronutrients to complement water from many different water sources, like municipal and some well waters. The combination of the grow and bloom formulas utilize the good nutrients that are found in water sources with higher concentrations of Calcium (40 ppm Ca or more). 

15-5-20 schedule.png
Jack's 15-5-20 Base
Jack's 18-8-23 Schedule Image.PNG
Jack's 18-8-23 Base
Using a Growlink system? 
You can find their rates and recommendations for Jack's here:
Having trouble figuring it all out? Let's get that water tested!

There are many steps to finding the right fertilizer match and nutrient formulas for your facility, but don’t worry! The team at Jack’s has over 7 years of experience in the process, on-site laboratory testing, and technical gurus can assist in interpreting and recommending the best nutrient plan for you.

But, the first step in finding a solution for your specific situation is obtaining a water sample. A water sample will reveal your water quality and allow our technical team to recommend a grow schedule that fits your needs. Once you receive your water test results, let us know and our team will assist in finding the right schedule for your grow!

Jack's No-Brainer.png
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