Various edible crop require different growing regimens. You might fall into the category of fruiting crops if you are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants or even hops.  Or you just might be the leafy greens, herbs or spice grown.  No matter you edible crop of choice we are here to hook you up from start to finish.  

Jack's Nutrients for Fruiting Crops & Hops

Heaven on the vine. This plan utilizes formulas that effectively provide all the necessary macro, secondary and micronutrients to grow a strong crop with maximum taste and yield in the fruit. The combination of the  formulas delivers the optimum nutrient concentrations at the different stages for fruiting crops and hops. This schedule is designed to guide controlled environment growers looking for top notch quality in tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, and hops.

Jack's for Fruiting Crops
Jack's Nutrients for Leafy Greens

What's Green is Gold! These nutrition schedules contains formulas designed to help you make the most of your vegetative crop. Whether you're growing lettuce, herbs, spices or other leafy greens, these schedules can help you manage your feeding routines, and give you the tools to speed up crop cycles so that you can put more salad on your plate, or green in the bank. Below, you'll find two options for pure water sources (EC <0.2 mS cm-1) and one for if you're using a water source with free nutrients like tap water (EC >0.2 mS cm-1).

One Bag - Pure Water
Two Bag - Pure Water
One Bag -
Water with >40 ppm Ca
Having trouble figuring it all out - let's get that water tested!

There are many steps to finding the right fertilizer match and nutrient formulas for your facility, but don’t worry! The team at Jack’s has over 72 years of experience in the process, on-site laboratory testing, and technical gurus can assist in interpreting and recommending the best nutrient plan for you.

But, the first step in finding a solution for your specific situation is obtaining a water sample. A water sample will reveal your water quality and allow our technical team to recommend a grow schedule that fits your needs. Once you receive your water test results, let us know and our team will assist in finding the right schedule for your grow!

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Having trouble?  That’s where we shine.  The lab and manufacturing facility at JR Peters is literally within steps of all of our staff.  We all work together to solve our growers problems and produce the highest quality products.  Our turnaround time for samples and orders is between 24-72 hours based on sample type – that means we can get you real answers if and when you run into bumps along the road. 


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