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Getting Technical - Let's Talk pH and EC!

When establishing and tracking your plant nutrition regiment, it's important to know what to track, and what your targets should be. In this week's edition of Getting Technical, we talk about two of the most important indicators: pH and EC. Learn why they're important, and what their measurements are actually telling you.

This week we'll cover pH and EC to break things down a bit, and help you understand the science behind their importance.

Dan answers questions like:

Why is pH important?

What should the pH be of solution?

How can I correct things if my pH is too low?

How can I fix things if the pH is too high?

What is EC? Why does it matter?

Check out our second edition of Getting Technical below. If you have a topic you want to see broken down in the future, let us know as well! Shoot an email to with any questions you have for us!

Also, if you want more information on EC and measuring the strength of your solution check out this post we did earlier this year:

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