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Getting Technical - Talking Silica with PowerSi

Here at Jack's Nutrients we get a lot of questions about Silica. What kind should I use? When do I use it? What is Silica good for?

As you know we take our science seriously, so we thought it was best to get you an answer from the silica experts themselves. Since we don't incorporate silica into our Jack's Nutrients formulas directly, we reached out to Rex Gill at PowerSi to give you the rundown on what they're doing with silicic acid, and how PowerSi is different from other forms of silica out there.

Big thanks to Rex and PowerSi for taking the time for some questions.

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1 Comment

xing er shi
xing er shi
Apr 06, 2022

Hello, I purchased a 5-12-26 for hydroponic cannabis! But the element ratio of magnesium content I have to see is 10.4%, but the website shows that it is 6.3%!!! Why is this? I can't tell if it's true or false, does it need to be scaled differently in the use of the jack 321? please reply! Thanks again!

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