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Getting Technical - Veg AND Flower?

We're different and we like that! Looking out over the Cannabis nutrient market, it's easy to notice that a lot of companies insist that you need one formula/bottle/jug for the Vegetative stage, and a different formula/bottle/jug for Flower. And that creates a few questions for folks taking a look at the Jack's Nutrients line.

In a lot of cases, we recommend the same feeding rates and formulas in both Veg and Flower. Use our Jack's 321 program for example. Veg = A+B+Epsom. Flower = A+B+Epsom. How can that be?! Well we've done our research, and we've studied the research of others (as seen in the video!), and we've come to the conclusion that plants still need Nitrogen in the flowering stage. University research even points out that you could likely increase Nitrogen ppms even more if you wanted to.

In this installment of Getting Technical, we hear from Wild Bill on why we typically recommend the same formula(s) for both veg and flower, AND why our 10-30-20 Bloom is important, but also why it's not designed to be used for more than 2 weeks.

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Mar 04, 2023

Does the bloom make a difference with autoflower? I ask because there really isn't a light change. Would you recommend soon at the plant shows she wants to flower start using the Bloom?

Mar 07, 2023
Replying to

Hello! We do recommend using the 10-30-20 in your feeding schedules even with autoflowers. The reason being is that 10-30-20 is not used to "make" your plants switch into flower, it's meant to provide the right nutrients "when" they switch so that bud production reaches its peak potential. So you're absolutely right you simply run it for 7 days when your plants show they're ready to switch.

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