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Getting Technical - The Science Behind Jack's Nutrients 18-8-23

The history of our parent company, JR Peters, goes back decades. Long before we were making the Jack's Nutrients line of fertilizers, we were handcrafting fertilizers for some of the largest greenhouse growers in the country (and world). One of our most popular formulas over the years has been our Jack's Professional 20-10-20. It's been sought after by all kinds of growers in various markets. Which comes as no surprise to why we often get cannabis and hemp growers calling us and asking about 20-10-20 and why we don't necessarily recommend it for what they're doing.

Today's getting technical explores that question and offers a glimpse into how we come up with formulas for the Jack's Nutrients lineup. We refuse to just slap a different label on a bag, and brand it as a "cannabis/hemp" fertilizer. The formulas in the Jack's Nutrients line have been specifically designed, and modified to be exactly the option that your Hemp/Cannabis/CEA operation needs.

As you'll hear in the video, we recognize 20-10-20 is a great formula, and that's where we started when we created our Jack's Nutrients 18-8-23. We took it and made it even better for what you've got growing on right now.

Let's Get Technical.

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