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How Do I Use Jack's Nutrients During the Clone Stage?


Every great grow starts early. Whether you're growing from clones or starting things from seed, it's important to make sure your youngest plants are getting the nutrients they need to grow into the finest buds.

Luckily for you, this is an area where we really shine here at Jack’s. We have spent a significant amount of time dialing in the nutrient balance and ratios for this short but VERY important stage of the grow cycle.

Our Jack’s 15-6-17 is designed for the 0-14 day period of growth.

We recommend using immediately at first cutting and stick. If you've been following our Grow Schedules (here:, you've already got this formula on your radar.

The 15-6-17 is approved for ALL media types and water qualities meaning we've done the research to ensure that no matter what your setup is, or even if you have to change plans, you're still good to grow.

The enhanced micro nutrient package provides for fast trace element uptake, and our proprietary iron (Fe) chelate blend keeps iron available over varying pH levels.

We've also ensured that the formula is efficient in design so only feeding at low EC + low ppm N.

If you're looking to give your plants a jump start, and increase rooting as well as branching and root establishment, we've got the solution!

Don't be surprised if you also see decrease in the time the plants are in this rooting stage – most of our growers can decrease there time to transplant from 14 days to 10 or even 7!


  1. 125 ppm N

  2. EC ~ 1.0 - 1.1

  3. 3 grams per gallon of water

Cheers to the best crop of clones you've ever had!

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