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Using Jack's Nutrients with RO Water

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Grow setups come in all shapes and sizes - and water types.

We've designed our Jack's Nutrients products to help you out no matter what sort of water you're working with.

Both our RO formula and the 3-2-1 method can be used with RO water! The main difference between these base formulas is the RO is a one-bag solution with slightly less potassium and phosphorus whereas the 3-2-1 (Part A and Part B) is a two-bag system with slightly higher potassium and phosphorus.

Some people prefer the simplicity of the one-bag system, while others prefer the flexibility that the two-bag system offers. However, both of these formulas are great and we have seen great results with both formulas under RO water conditions.

For more information on feeding schedules be sure to check out our grow scheduling page at https://www.jacksnutrients.com/growschedules

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