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When do I use the 10-30-20 Bloom? What about the Ultraviolet?

When growing Cannabis all stages of growth are important - that's for sure. However if you're getting plants that veg out beautifully but don't bud out, you're grow isn't hitting it's potential.

Our 10-30-20 Boom formula is meant to be incorporated into your grow program to jump-start bud production so you're getting the most flower power possible.

The formula helps send your plants the message that it's time to start delivering on those promises of juicy buds.

We recommend using our 10-30-20 Bloom formula for 1-2 weeks when transitioning from vegetative growth to flower. The formula is designed to shut down vegetative growth and initiative and sustain flower and bud production. It doesn't take long for your plants to make the switch, and after the bud set phase we recommend switching back to your regular program until the "Late Flower" stage.

Be sure to keep an eye on your pH while using 10-30-20 Bloom. Due to the nature of the raw materials that make up the 10-30-20 Bloom, it is potentially acidic, but it really does a great job at letting the plants know it is time to begin producing flowers and providing the necessary nutrients for this transition!

So what about the 5-50-18 Ultraviolet Formula?

That's the beauty of the Jack's Nutrients System. We've designed things to be customizable. While most growers stick to with our 10-30-20 Bloom formula, the Ultraviolet can help provide more phosphorus to your grow during that bud set phase if you really need it. We've seen both formulas turn out top-notch results. Remember they're designed to be used during the same in your grow schedule, but not in conjunction with each other.

No matter which path you choose, we're here to help you every step of the way!

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Ronald R Reppucci
Sep 29, 2020

Would using UV for week 1 and Bloom for Week 2 (or vice versa), be OK? Any potential issues other than Ph?


Matthew Siegel
May 02, 2020

I love both the 10-30-20 and the 5-50-18. I recently started a flowering stage feeding half RO (12-4-16) and half UV(5-50-18) for week 1, UV for week 2, and the 50/50 again for week 3. I was concerned of lack of calcium and the 50/50 provided it at half the rate of straight RO. And the ratio is almost the same as 1-3-2.

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