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Getting Technical - Fertigation and Continuous Liquid Feeding

How many times a day (week, month) should I be feeding my plants with Jack's Nutrients? That's a great question, and while ultimately, the answer varies between grows, this week we give you the information to determine what works for the setup you have in place.

This week's Getting Technical focuses on fertigation and continuous liquid feeding. We define both of those terms and take a look at how changes in different techniques and frequencies can affect your grow. We also dip into runoff EC and help you understand what's going on when your runoff EC is too high or to low, and how to correct the situation.

We've also added a great handout here (below) to help you navigate some of the more confusing elements (some people have to read it to learn it!), and to provide further explanation of the science behind what we're talking about!

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1 comentário

Michael Hood
Michael Hood
07 de nov. de 2023

It's pretty hard as a beginner. Perhaps thanks to fertigation images it will be easier to understand. And it will make the courtship process easier.

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